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Enyo Fuel Station
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3 Simple Steps

Get Rewards from Buying

You can pay with cash, your debit card or online at any location that accepts Thank U Cash, and earn rewards.

Pay With Cash

In the Thank U Cash app, take a picture of your receipt to earn your reward. You will get an SMS notifying you of points earned.

Pay Online

After an online purchase, enter your Thank U Cash number or phone number to earn your rewards. You will get an SMS notifying you of points earned.

Pay with Debit Card

After a purchase with your debit card at any location that accepts Thank U Cash, enter your phone number to get your reward instantly.

Spend your Rewards

Any reward you earn can be spent at any Thank U Cash accepted location, either online, instore or on the Thank U Cash app.

Rewards In-store

Before a purchase, enter your phone number or Thank U Cash number into the POS machine to get your balance and spend.

Rewards Online

When making a payment online, you will be asked for your Thank U Cash number or phone number, enter it and get your balance to spend.

Rewards In App

Under the BIll Payment option in the Thank U Cash app, select the bill you want to pay for and your Thank U Cash account will be debited.


Hear What Our Merchants Said

Definitely the best customer rewarding platform we have used at our outlet. It truly delivers on its promise and I will always recommend Thank U Cash to any online or offline merchant or store. You won’t find a better deal.

Temitope Orilua

General Manager, Sailors Lounge

It was the first rewards platform we have used and we got hooked on it. It is a great solution and we love it. The Uniqueness is that they upgrade the solution and try to offer more and more to a retailer like me.


Founder, Wings’n’Sides

Thank U Cash have built a platform that has helped to revolutionize fuel retailing and have provided a tailor-made loyalty program for our customers. Their solution is dynamic and robust. The Thank U Cash team is committed to constantly strive to provide innovative solutions in super record time. Their energy is unique, and it is always very exciting to work with them. MIS and dashboards allow us to closely monitor our financial exposure and revenue growth online real time which enables us to make quick decisions.

Fernando Madeira

CFO, Enyo Retail and Supply Ltd.

Our Merchants

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