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and you say Thank U!

ThankUCash is a platform proven to improve customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Attract Customers

Let us help you drive customers to your business like never before.

Smart Marketing

Target your customers directly and build a one on one relationship with each customer.

Know Your Customers

With our in-house tools, you can get real-time information and track customer behavior.

Increase Your Revenue

Watch your revenue increase, month after every month through our platform.

Meet Our Merchants

Oil and Gas

ThankUCash provides our merchants with everything they need to grow their business and make their customers happy. We make sure you do not worry anymore about how to manage your customers. Get in touch with us today.


Travelling is already a necessity, and with ThankUCash, our merchants can now make a lifestyle of saying ThankU to their customers. With ThankUCash, we have made it really easy for airlines to appreciate their loyal customers.


It is important to relax after a day or week of working so hard, and now, our merchants reward you for doing even that. We have made it easy for cinemas, lounges, and business to appreciate their customers as they relax. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.


Every time they spend at our partner supermarket locations, they get rewards and are happy. And what better way to build a loyal customer database than with happy customers? This is what our merchants have realized.

Textile & Laundry

Pampering your clothes is important; they look good and last longer. Our merchants bring you top quality care for your clothes and reward you for using their platform. Imagine getting extra money for treating your clothes right.


Health is wealth, as it is popularly said. In this case, we actually mean it. With our partner pharmacy merchants, it doesn’t end at just getting the right drugs. They also reward customers with instant cashback.


Food is where the heart is. We have partnered with several restaurants to say Thank U, and keep customers coming back for more. Do you run a bukka, a fruit bar, or even a food truck? We can help you. Give us a call to begin the process.


Whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly bill, you can say Thank U to your customers and expand your base. Get in touch to begin the process.

Online Merchants

It is not only physical stores that have the benefit of saying Thank U to their customers. If your business is online you can say Thank U too. We have created simple plugins and codes that you can integrate online. Get in touch to begin the process.

Our Merchants

Eve-Rest Up to N5,000 Dana-Air Up to 1,000 lcc Up to N250 green-grill Up to N2,500 411 Up to N6,000 Kmac Up to N2,500 Adiba Up to N3,500 Payporte Up to N1,500 coffe-plus Up to N6,000 Game Up to N4,000 meat-Up Up to N6,000 Quilox Up to N4,000 Trebet Up to N4,000 Fruit2go Up to N2,500 WingsnSides Up to N4,500 patrick-ayanski Up to N5,000 Clean Ace Up to N4,500 Genesis Up to N3,500 Lasgidi-Buka Up to N1,500 marcopolo cuisines Up to N1,500 Rx Up to N1,500 Sailour Up to N1,500 lounge-bait Up to N6,000 Trebet Up to N4,000 clean ace Up to N4,500 kmac Up to N6,000

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