Create more values for your customers

With a suite of products we create an avenue for banks and financial institutions to create more value for their customers which in turn grows revenue.

POS Terminal Tracking and Monitoring

It is important for the banks to know the status of their POS terminal in real time, to help provide better support to merchants and businesses who rely on them to accept payment. With Connected Analytics Terminal monitor the bank is equiped with technology to alert various teams on the state of merchants’ terminals.

Increase Bank Card Penetration

Thanks to the breakthrough innovative technology, banks and card issuing companies can now incentivize customers directly for bank card usage. With our analytical dashboard banks and financial institutions can track the progress of card usage, and increase or decrease rewards provided to customers.

ThankUCash as Reward

Banks can leverage on Connected analytics technology that empowers them to distribute incentives for loyalty of customers that use bank issued credit/debit card, to perform instant payment, pay for products and services on the banks portal, or carry out any form of transaction. We are excited to work with you and ultimately grow with you.

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