7 Tips to Better Understand Your Customer’s Needs.

7 Tips to Better Understand Your Customer’s Needs.

Two things happen to your business when your customers aren’t satisfied. You lose the customer to a competitor and, then you lose more cash. So, understanding your customer’s needs is an important part of your day-to-day job as a business owner. 

Recently, I read an article that explained the reason why small businesses fail to grow or get better. The truth is that most of them focus on their product than the needs of the customers. So, how can you better understand your customer’s needs? Here are seven ways to understand your customers needs.

1. Know and Understand your targeted market.

Your first task is to answer the question who, what, why, when, and where about your business. This would help you understand your market and in turn help you know your customers needs. If you know who you’re selling to, what they are buying, why it is important they are buying, when you’re selling, and where you’re selling, then their needs would become clearer to you. The needs of an adult are quite different from that of a child. Answering these questions is always the first step to understanding your customer’s needs.

2. Ask your sales and support team about your customers.

Your sales and support team serves as a bridge between you and your customers. It is their job to interact with the customers and have enough information about them, and what the customers want or need. At ThankUcash, the support team is always checking up on the customers, and getting their opinions on deals and their experiences at various merchant stores. This is how you turn customers into a family. By discussing with your customers, you just might hear the idea that moves the business forward or something your business lack doesn’t have. 

3. Read your comments

Comments on social media or blog spaces are very important, whether good or bad. It is often said that a bad comment is better than no comment at all. Only concerned customers drop comments or engage with posts on social media. For negative comments also answer that you will improve that negative impression and start finding solutions to them. It is also important to write in your newsletter that the errors have been corrected. This would prove that the company listens to its customers and takes corrective action. 

4. Survey

Make surveys about customers’ experience with your business. Surveys can be online on your blog and offline in your store or other business places. The survey will give you fresh information about the experience of your customers with your business. Surveys can be used for current customers but also from potential customers. You will be able to mix current experience with expectations from potential buyers. Surveys are great in informing the company of the needs of the customers.

5. Take advantage of social media and network

Social networks in popular for connecting people far and wide. The world is changing every day and social media is a big part of that change. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or TikTok you cannot deny the impact of social media on the world. There is not a person or business that doesn’t use some of them either directly or indirectly. Make your current and potential customers part of your social network and look for their notes and expectations.

6. Talk with people

Everywhere you go you need to talk with people about their needs related to your business. You can receive worth information about their problems and their needs that will give you ideas about growing your business. If you don’t talk, they will not tell you anything, and you will miss the chance to get good information that would help you to understand your customers needs.

What’s happening in your business space? What positive can you pick from your competitors? What are online articles saying about your business? If I google your company name, what will I find? Many people before they decide to buy something are searching on the internet to see what type of products exists on the market. They are also looking to find others’ experiences with those products. It is also important to read newspapers and magazines that cover themes about your industry. There you can find different information about what’s happening outside of your business. 

Until next time, these are seven sure tips on how to understand your customers needs. Are you a business owner interested in increasing sales and growing your revenue? Do you want to convert visitors to happy customers? If yes, then let’s talk about it. Send a mail to hello@thankucash.com stating who you are and what you do and our support team would be happy to get in touch with you. Remember happy customers make a happy business. This article was brought to you by ThankUCash. Africas’ biggest loyalty platform.

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