Author: ThankUCash

The ThankUCash team is excited to announce Nelly Agbogu, popularly known as Naija Brand Chick,as our newest Brand Ambassador. The ambassadorship deal aims at helping business owners(merchants) to grow their businesses exponentially by ensuring customer retention through rewardsand loyalty packages. The decision to make Nelly a brand ambassador was birthed as a result of her […]
The Company Enyo Retail and Supply Limited aim to redefine fuel retailing in Africa by combining first-level customer service with fuel retailing and renewable energy solutions. It is always about pioneering the technology revolution downstream to create additional value in the massive oil and gas industry. Empowerment is as essential to their business as retail […]
Customer reward programs are loyalty programs packaged and designed solely as a form of gift to customers. This incentive is given in a bid to show appreciation, draw customers closer, and encourage or motivate customers into being more invested in the brand and thereby increasing patronage. Loyal customers who are rewarded will be inspired to […]
As the importance of customer loyalty gets unravelled by brands and marketers daily, the need to measure your brand’s customer loyalty base becomes important. You cannot properly measure your brand loyalty base if you do not keep proper records and tracks.  The thought pattern that measuring customer loyalty is only for brands that run an […]
Changing the Customer Loyalty Game
The customer loyalty industry evolves every day. The quest for what is best for customers per time and how to keep them committed to the brand per time has yielded so many results and tips to make use of. The needs, interests, and passion points of individual customers vary daily based on various factors; Increase […]
Features of a Good Customer Loyalty Software
A loyalty program management software is a type of software that helps in the creation and management of customer loyalty programs for brands and businesses. It makes the program efficient to run and manage. There are guidelines that will help you in your choice of good customer loyalty software. You must follow these specific guidelines […]
Why is Customer Loyalty Important
Customer loyalty refers to a customer’s likelihood of doing business with a company or brand again. Customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences, and the value of the products or services a customer receives from a business contribute to customer loyalty. Clients or customers who are loyal to a certain brand are not readily swayed by availability […]
How Customer Loyalty Programs Can Help You
Loyalty programme dynamics are always developing to appeal to the interests of newer audiences, meet the needs of the present, and compete with ever-increasing competition.  Companies have expanded their loyalty rewards to include social and behavioural actions, such as referral rewards and points for user-generated content, in order to increase loyalty programme ROI and overall […]
Measuring Customer Loyalty
Recommendations and reviews from loyal customers transform friends and loved ones into paying customers, resulting in increased revenue for the businesses they are loyal to. Getting new customers is expensive, so brands work tooth and nail to retain their existing customers and provide special offers that can make them happy enough to tell others about […]
Brand Loyalty In Marketing
The propensity of a consumer to connect with or buy from a certain firm continuously is what we call customer loyalty in simple terms. Because of this, a loyal client is more likely to make repeat purchases with the company they’ve been attached to via their positive encounters. According to, regular consumers spend 67 […]