Brands that have a strong emotional connection with 70% of their customers tend to earn twice as much as those who have a low emotional engagement with their customers. Learn emotional connection strategies for building customer loyalty in this guide.
Are you a customer trying to buy a product online but frustrated with slow websites, confusing buttons, […]
loyalty card and gift boxes on a platform placed on a phone
Loyalty programs are a solid way to increase revenue but what happens if you can't afford it or aren't ready. You can build customer loyalty by leveraging on customer service and still turn your customers to loyal fans. Learn more.
Rewarding female customers is a fail-proof way of scaling your business. The conventional opinion assumes that female […]
Customer loyalty can help your business in several ways. By building a loyal customer base, you can increase revenue, reduce customer churn, and improve customer satisfaction. Repeat customers are more likely to spend more on your products or services, and they're also more likely to recommend your business to others. Overall, investing in customer loyalty can lead to long-term business success and growth.
The Company Enyo Retail and Supply Limited aim to redefine fuel retailing in Africa by combining first-level […]
Customer reward programs are loyalty programs packaged and designed solely as a form of gift to customers. […]
As the importance of customer loyalty gets unravelled by brands and marketers daily, the need to measure […]
Changing the Customer Loyalty Game
The customer loyalty industry evolves every day. The quest for what is best for customers per time […]
Features of a Good Customer Loyalty Software
A loyalty program management software is a type of software that helps in the creation and management […]