How ThankUCash is Changing the Customer Loyalty Game

Changing the Customer Loyalty Game

How ThankUCash is Changing the Customer Loyalty Game

The customer loyalty industry evolves every day. The quest for what is best for customers per time and how to keep them committed to the brand per time has yielded so many results and tips to make use of.

The needs, interests, and passion points of individual customers vary daily based on various factors;

Increase in Income

Your customers are humans at various points of earning capacity. At intervals, these customers will probably earn more, earn less or maintain the same income. For this reason, they will seek to buy and patronise more sophisticated brands,  or maintain your brand. You must determine to always have varying options for your customers to choose from at various budgeting levels.

Maturity & Age

Over time, we see people who were once particular about specific things and brands begin to lose interest in them. For example, customers who were once very loyal to Apple products and always on the lookout to buy the latest iPhone might grow to a certain age where they’re more concerned about other things and not even bothered about gadgets.

Such customers might become more invested in eating healthy meals, indulging in medical appointments, and fitness activities. At this point, the money for the phones gets converted into gym registrations, meal budgeting, and other brands of gadgets if important.

There is no doubt that there are customers who would still be head over heels in love with these Apple products for instance, no matter how old they get, but on average, people’s core interests change as they grow.

Family size & Priorities

Family size is one factor that influences a switch in a customer’s loyalty. A single customer who becomes married might have to compromise interest with that of his or her significant other to have a uniform or singular choice.

Also, you will find that your customers would readily switch or acclimatise themselves to brands, products, and services that offer family-based services. For example, gyms that run packages for families would be more appealing to customers rather than having to pay per person.

Also, goods and products with larger sizes or value would be bought more, like having to buy a big bag of rice instead of measurable quantities. If your brand is so loved but without these varying features, then you will give your customers no other choice but to move on.

New Interests

In addition to the other factors listed above, quite a number of times, customers just decide to try out other brands even after being loyal to a specific brand for so long. This could stem from recommendations from friends, or just the need to try out new things.

ThankUCash, having been in the customer loyalty industry for a long while, partnering with top brands, firms, and businesses to ensure that lasting solutions are given to every customer inclined problems has a firm belief that everyone should be able to get more customers and consistently keep more customers, while still making increased revenue, and in the past years we have embodied this and lived it out by working with brands and businesses.

With the vision to create sustainable solutions to help connect 10,000 businesses to 10,000,000 customers by the year 2023 and a mission of creating a platform that certainly will help businesses acquire, reward, and retain customers at all times, all we have done is devise means of pushing forth the importance of customer loyalty, showcase the various types of customer loyalty programs there are, help businesses handle their customer loyalty programs, as well as customer care follow-ups and designed customer loyalty programs.

ThankUCash is a top-rated and leading customer loyalty company in Africa, known for its efficiency in helping brands reward their amazing customers. The brand’s vision and mission have been such a driving force pushing it to become more solution-driven, hence doing better than other loyalty companies.

How ThankUCash is Changing the Customer Loyalty Game

The combination of services that ThankUCash gives is such that you cannot find elsewhere, and this has brought so much creativity to brand development, and upped the game of digital marketers and loyalty specialists in Africa and the world at large. We will just list a few of them;

Offering Cashback

ThankUCash discovered that as much as people love to be gifted, knowing that they have actual cash to get a product or service of their choice is more appealing to the soul, which is why we offer cashback to customers for their patronage. The turnout and yield of this have been of exponential increase in the long run.


Learning never ends, in fact, it continues, and as such one way through which ThankUCash is changing the customer loyalty game is by studying the trends, behavioural patterns, and spending capacity of individuals over time, as well as the changes in them.

Customer loyalty has been existent for a long while, it’s important that regularly, analyses are done to compare the changes and make deductions on new tips and measures, which is what ThankUCash does and practices on its brands with very tangible results.

Offering Consultancy Services

Customer loyalty, though properly explained needs patience, perseverance, and proper understanding of techniques and styles, which is why in addition to putting content that is of immense help to businesses, customers, and customer loyalty companies.

We also offer consultation sessions, we discuss directly with brands, getting to listen to their brand problems, and thereon referring solid, long-lasting solutions that have helped a lot of crumbling brands stand tall. Beyond just teaching, we believe in showing practically how these things are done. ThankUCash practically holds your hands and shows you how to get things done and issues resolved.

Customer Loyalty Program Packages

Sequential to the point listed directly above, ThankUCash helps brands package the best loyalty programs. We believe that as much as we teach what should be done, some businesses would rather focus on their business operations and outsource their loyalty programs to customer loyalty companies.

This is only great if the outsourcing is done to an effective, attentive, result-producing customer loyalty company. This is where ThankUCash comes to the fore, at ThankUCash, one thing we do to make the customer loyalty game more rewarding to brands is to ensure that we tailor the needs of our partners to suit their customers.

We take into consideration the type of customers, what they are most interested in and analyse the entirety of their database to get a well-tailored and befitting loyalty program. We treat our brands in a personalised manner.

Customer Care Operations and Retainment

Beyond providing suitable programs, and amazing cashback rewards, it gladdens our hearts to know that customers are happy. Daily, we strive to ensure that customers are put together, reached out to, followed up on, and updated on every happening and event.

ThankUCash sees customers as important and this knowledge has guided its treatment of the same customers which has brought tremendous growth and revenue to partnering brands and businesses. 

ThankUCash is one company you can trust to show deep thankfulness to your customers and provide heartwarming solutions to every brand problem. All you have to do is reach out to us now, and we will take you on the journey to sustainable brand solutions.

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