CLEANING OF YOUR TEETH: Importance of the scaling and polishing process

CLEANING OF YOUR TEETH: Importance of the scaling and polishing process

Cleaning of your Teeth

How many people enjoy cleaning their teeth? How many people can boast of brushing their teeth twice a day? The process of brushing can be tiring and a huge struggle sometimes. We can all agree that no matter how long it takes when cleaning your teeth, there are just some areas that the bristles of a brush cannot reach. These areas of the mouth are where the hard deposits are located. As a result of this, you would need the help of a professional to help you maintain your oral hygiene.

DENTAL CLEANING: What are the steps to getting a dental cleaning?

The goal of cleaning the teeth includes having fresh breath, a cleaner mouth, and to remove the Plague and Tartar from your teeth. All those yellow things that mostly stick between the teeth and in between the gums. 

The first step to getting a dental cleaning procedure done is booking an appointment first. Next, there is usually teeth ins for weak spots and decay. Then, the teeth are thoroughly and properly cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. Then the teeth are polished to remove stains. 

PLAQUES: Ever wondered what Plaques are?

A plaque is a group of living bacteria that live in the resin layer of your mouth. They are mostly yellow or brown in the mouth. They are sticky and hard to pull off with fingers or a toothbrush.

TEETH CLEANING: Do you know how to Brush Properly?

Position the brush at a 45-degree angle. Use the toothpaste to evenly distribute the brush across the teeth and gums in a circular motion. Brush all the surfaces in the mouth including the tongue. Do not neglect the back of the tooth. Brush vertically and horizontally in a roll method. 

SCALING AND POLISHING: What are those words?

Scaling and Polishing is a preventive treatment that removes plaque that builds up over time and is difficult to reach with regular brushing and flossing. It is done by a dental hygienist.

If the buildup of tartar has become too much, then professional cleaning procedures are performed to remove it. Routine cleaning should be done every six months.

TEETH CLEANING: How Much Does Scaling And Polishing Cost?

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