ENYO Retail Gas Station Drives a 25% Increased Sales

ENYO Retail Gas Station Drives a 25% Increased Sales

The Company

Enyo Retail and Supply Limited aim to redefine fuel retailing in Africa by combining first-level customer service with fuel retailing and renewable energy solutions. It is always about pioneering the technology revolution downstream to create additional value in the massive oil and gas industry. Empowerment is as essential to their business as retail gas services, and they wanted to make sure that their marketing activities will properly connect and inspire customers. To achieve their goal of building a connection with their customers and implementing marketing strategies that work, ENYO retail gas station partnered with ThankUCash, a multi-merchant loyalty company in Nigeria.

The Challenge 

Enyo Retail and Supply Limited wants to engage their devoted audience differently with distinctive, memorable experiences in an increasingly competitive industry. Customers were already being engaged by the company through traditional marketing methods such as word of mouth, its website, and social media, However, they wanted to do more than simply engage with their consumers; they needed to promote sales growth by boosting customer spend, guaranteeing return visits, and tracking sales.

The Solution

Using the ThankUCash rewards program, the Company launched a 3 percent cash-back promotion in four (4) locations for a few weeks in early 2020. Customers that purchased at least 30 litres of gasoline (petrol, diesel, and kerosene) received immediate ThankUCash points as part of the program. The system was comprehensive in that it recorded both cash and card transactions and allowed consumers to redeem their points at other ThankUCash partner shops such as grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and bars. The points may also be used to pay bills such as tolls, power bills, and airtime. The platform also offers client expenditure data, which the company uses to analyze and drive its sales efforts. 

The program was carried out to the remaining sites after the pilot locations saw a 25 percent to 40 percent weekly revenue increase. It was also used to the company’s other products, such as cooking gas, lubricants, and car repair service. In-app purchases using ThankUCash now include cooking gas as well. This one-of-a-kind partnership with ThankUCash has enabled the firm grow its client base by 445 percent over time, resulting in a 445 percent rise in income, making it one of the country’s top three privately owned gas stations. This program is branded by Enyo Retail and Supply Limited as EnyoThankU.

ThankUCash + Enyo Retail and Supply Limited = EnyoThankU

EnyoThankU (ETU) is a point-based customer loyalty and retention program developed by Enyo Retail and Supply Limited to strengthen the bond between the company and its consumers. In a commoditized market, it is a differentiating approach focused at increasing consumer intimacy with the ERS brand. The initiative will, among other things, encourage clients to move up the purchasing ladder.

When you buy any of ERS’s products or services, you earn ETU points. However, as stated in the latter portion of this article, these purchases must satisfy the minimal level in order to qualify for points.

How EnyoThankU Works?

EnyoThankU points are earned when you buy any Enyo product or service. Before purchasing for any items, clients must just provide their phone number to their Customer Advisor. The phone number of the consumer is their unique identification. Every transaction generates a notice for the customer.

Customers may also track the number of points they have earned by downloading the ThankUcash app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

When a consumer registers and makes a purchase, an SMS alert is immediately delivered to them.

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