Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty

The necessity for customer loyalty in businesses can’t be overemphasised as it plays a major role in ensuring the brand earns an advantage over competitive brands and generates consistent sales and more customers.

There are factors affecting customer loyalty in Nigeria, which we shall delve into extensively;

Top Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in Nigeria

Quality Service

To get loyal customers to your brand, you have to offer them values that will keep them glued and committed to your brand, thereby gaining them over to your side. Quality is a major factor to how committed a customer stays. Your customers are coming to you with problems at hand, certainly there is an expectation in their hearts for the problem to be resolved, and your performance towards delivering the solutions and how well you do so is the quality to them.

Quality service to different customers differ, just as customers have things that can be managed, others have their standard. For instance, a customer can enjoy every quality product delivered and overlook the fact that the orders arrived late, while another customer would hold it against them for delivering the products so late.

The various ratings in the different aspects of delivering a product, service and getting a customer’s problem solved all amounts into the quality of your service. The quality of your service is customer-specific, as such, what seems like top-quality to a customer might not be the same to another. Quality of service will lead to customer satisfaction, which will lead to continued patronage and then to customer loyalty.

As a business, your ability to provide high standards of service across all areas consistently will give you an edge over your counterparts and also increase the loyalty rates of customers to your brand. As long as your customers are pleased and comfortable with your brand, they will rather remain with you than go elsewhere. 

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Price in this context is the amount of money required to gain a product or service, or the cost required to be exchanged for a good or service. Even as you are striving to deliver quality service, you have to maintain a fair price. To gain the loyalty of your customers and have them be loyal, it’s expected that you meet the standards of your customers in terms of price and quality. A lot of brands now offer very fair prices, but with terrible services. You must determine to give quality, while being fair with prices, this way your brand and your customer win together.

People tend to gravitate towards brands with fair prices. Therefore, one factor that affects customer loyalty in Nigeria is prices. Have a fair pricing system, and your customer base will increase, and over time the loyalty rate will increase too. To help your brand, source for fair prices of things to buy, so that you don’t lose out in your fair sales too.

To be candid, offering a high standard of service isn’t enough to attract loyal customers, there are people that will see this standard and afford it, but in a Nigerian economy, others will also have issues of funds, as such the services have to be of great quality and a fair price which will also give an edge over competitive brands. 

Customer Service

This is the heart of every brand and should be treated with utmost care. Some companies employ services of customer loyalty brands or customer care brands to serve as their customer service agents. Whether you have in-house customer service agents or you outsource this role,  you must see to it that your customers are well responded to, as this can influence a customer’s buying decision.

For instance, ThankUCash offers customer loyalty services to banks, corporate groups and brands across Africa, with years of efficient service, they have delivered excellently in keeping customers of their brands in utmost care.

Brand Image

Every brand has an image or perception to the public, whether accurate or not. The view of a brand in the eyes of the customer goes a long way and majorly affects customer loyalty. In Nigeria, people have ideas and see their model brands in a certain light and will go all the way to defend them, even when they err.

There is a popular tussle between fans of the coca-cola company and the 7up bottling company, for so long there has been a constant battle between Fanta and Mirinda, and it seems to look like no matter what the other fan says, there is never a surrender as to which is the best.

As a brand, your role is to deliberately structure how the public eyes view you. A positive image of your brand will drive customer loyalty well. The way personalities such as your employees, the government, stakeholders, competitors, the press and the entire public views you affects the way your brand is patronised and how many times it will be patronised.

With brands that have specific niches like, food & beverage, clothing, banking and network providers, customers always draw closer to brands they feel safe with. Your public display tells a story, and your customers will interprete the way they deem fit therefore it’s important that you are particular about the story being told.

Follow Up & Customer Care

Customer care goes beyond customer service operations. It involves you ensuring that your customers are properly treated and that your product or service solved the problems they had. As a brand, you must go beyond providing the service and ensure to properly care for your customers. Follow them up with details, events and happenings within the brand, this gives them a sense of belonging and a reason to stay committed to the brand. 

There are quite a number of tips to follow in ensuring that customers stay loyal to your brand, but the 5 above are major factors, which if put into considerations would cause a ripple effect in your customer loyalty base.

For Customer loyalty companies to engage, ThankUCash is an excellent one that sees to it that your customers are well taken care of and accounted for at no troubles at all. We look forward to hearing from you.

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