The ThankUCash team is excited to announce Nelly Agbogu, popularly known as Naija Brand Chick,
as our newest Brand Ambassador. The ambassadorship deal aims at helping business owners
(merchants) to grow their businesses exponentially by ensuring customer retention through rewards
and loyalty packages.

The decision to make Nelly a brand ambassador was birthed as a result of her passion and
consistency towards building a reliable and consistent brand for herself, tailored towards
empowering SMEs to thrive. On why she chose to become a Brand Ambassador for ThankUCash,
Nelly said, “My business followers need ThankUCash, and I would be doing a disservice if I do not
come on board.”
She also emphasized that ThankUCash is one of the best, providing a service that
will help merchants to gain visibility and make sales.

In a short interview with our CEO, Simeon Ononobi, she explained why her brand focuses on helping
SMEs to thrive. According to her, because she understands the challenges that come with building
and running a successful business, she believes that she has what it takes to help other businesses
thrive. In her words, “I have tasted both worlds, and I know that there are many people who need
help, that is why I have decided to come in.”
Nelly has successfully helped many businesses to boom
in 6 figures and above.

At ThankUCash, our mission is to create solutions that help SMEs succeed while increasing consumer
buying power and opportunities. According to Simeon, our partnership with Nelly Agbogu will
ensure that a solid relationship between merchants and consumers is created and sealed. With our
goals and objectives in alignment, ThankUCash will continue to help businesses thrive and retain
loyal customers.

We are glad to welcome Nelly into the ThankUCash family!

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