Choosing the perfect gifts sometimes can be a little difficult, especially when the receiver is considered special. […]
How many people enjoy cleaning their teeth? How many people can boast of brushing their teeth twice […]
We can all agree that Electronics are very important in our lives. They make lives easier, and […]
Two things happen to your business when your customers aren’t satisfied. You lose the customer to a […]
Wakanow announced its partnership with ThankUCash, Africa’s leading loyalty and rewards company to launch a customer loyalty […]
It’s that time of the year when the world comes together to celebrate the importance of education […]
The ThankUCash team is excited to announce Nelly Agbogu, popularly known as Naija Brand Chick,as our newest […]
Loyalty, deals, and rewards services are a rarity in most African markets. The unit economics and other […]
The Company Enyo Retail and Supply Limited aim to redefine fuel retailing in Africa by combining first-level […]
Customer reward programs are loyalty programs packaged and designed solely as a form of gift to customers. […]