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Brand Loyalty In Marketing
The propensity of a consumer to connect with or buy from a certain firm continuously is what we call customer loyalty in simple terms. Because of this, a loyal client is more likely to make repeat purchases with the company they’ve been attached to via their positive encounters. According to Forbes.com, regular consumers spend 67 […]
Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty
The necessity for customer loyalty in businesses can’t be overemphasised as it plays a major role in ensuring the brand earns an advantage over competitive brands and generates consistent sales and more customers. There are factors affecting customer loyalty in Nigeria, which we shall delve into extensively; Top Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in Nigeria Quality […]
ThankUCash Partners With Wema Bank
ThankUCash, a multi-merchant customer loyalty company has announced that it now partners with WEMA bank. This will help over 2 million users of Wema Bank’s ALAT app to easily access special deals, discounts, and loans on the Wema rewards app.  On the brighter side, Wema bank merchants will benefit hugely from this partnership to drive […]
Customer Loyalty Rewards
Why is Customer Loyalty Rewards Important? Did you know that improving your client retention rate by 5% may increase your revenues by up to 95%? However, far too frequently, businesses prioritise recruiting new customers above caring for current ones. It’s understandable that you’d like to expand your clientele. But how can you keep the customers […]
How To Package Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer loyalty programs are very important as a tool for retaining customers and building a customer loyalty base. You can use this as a strategy to retain customers that consistently relate to your brand. Draw up programs that reward customers the more they patronise your brand, this way they will get attached to your brand […]
Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty refers to the likelihood of a customer to keep patronizing a brand or company. Many times, customers are loyal to a brand because of their previous experiences and how satisfied they are with the quality of service they receive. The value you provide your clients determines their loyalty to your brand.  Here are […]