The Complete Guide to Online Shopping: A Guide for New Shoppers

The Complete Guide to Online Shopping: A Guide for New Shoppers

The complete guide to online shopping

Introduction to Online Shopping

Welcome to the exciting world of online shopping!  If you’re just starting in the world of online shopping, be rest assured that we have your back. Thanks to Dealday, Africa’s most incredible deals and discounts platform, you will be able to navigate the world of online shopping with ease.

Online Shopping makes life easier

Imagine being able to browse through countless products and services, compare prices, read reviews, and also place orders all from the comfort of your own home through your mobile phone or laptop. No more parking struggles or long lines, giving you more time to relax in your pajamas and discover unique items that your local stores might not have.

Your Security Comes First in Online shopping

When it comes to online shopping, prioritizing security is non-negotiable. Make sure to always stick to well-known platforms with encryption indicators like the padlock symbol or “https://”. Also if you’re going to sign up or register on any website, make sure your password is unique and mixed with numbers, letters, or symbols. Furthermore, avoid using easily guessable information such as birthdays or names. Don’t fall for phishing attempts that ask for sensitive information via email or messages, and also consider using two-factor authentication for added protection.

The E-commerce world of Varieties 

The e-commerce world of Varieties

With the creation of e-commerce sites, you are left with many options and categories to choose from. From fashion to gadgets, games, food, and spa offers, the list is endless. If you’re wondering how to begin, some advice will be to start by knowing what you want. Whether it’s trendy fashion, kitchen utensils, electronics, or daily essentials, understanding your needs will help you sift through the options.

Always compare prices before shopping Online

One wise thing to do is always to compare prices. Comprising between two or more e-commerce websites will get you the best deal. You should always look out for deals on websites like Dealday by ThankUCash where everything sold is at a discounted price. Their prices are more affordable than other online stores or the open market.

Read Reviews and Share yours 

Reviews and ratings offer valuable insights. Feedback from shoppers helps gauge quality, sizing, and satisfaction. Read both positive and negative reviews for an informed choice before making a decision.

Check for shipping prices and delivery time

Next, always check for the shipping prices that the site provides and what the estimated delivery times are. Many online stores have incredibly low prices for their products but have ridiculous shipping prices that can be up to 10 times more than what the product is worth, especially with international shipping. Also, check the return policy of the online store. Some stores don’t allow for returns if the product has been opened by you. 

Customer Care is your friend

Customer Care is your friend

Sometimes Shopping Online can be difficult. That’s why most sites have a customer service team. They act as a crucial bridge between challenges and solutions. Whether you’re facing a product issue, a shipping delay, or a simple query, interacting with customer service can make all the difference. Approach them with patience, clarity, and respect, you’re more likely to reach a satisfactory outcome.


Congratulations on becoming an informed and savvy online shopper! Remember to check out Dealday by Thankucash for discounted products and services. With these tips in mind, you can shop with confidence and enjoy all that the world of online shopping has to offer.

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