Let’s increase your business revenue

By retaining your customers and getting new ones daily

Built to increase your
customers and revenue

Many companies have made more money and
increased their customers by using ThankUCash




Cashback Value:

Customer Retention Analysis

Sales Analytics

Business App (iOS & Android)

Online & Offline Promotions

Customizable Rewards

Reward Scheduling

Multiple Store Manager Creation



3% Minimum

14 days


₦20,000 (Monthly)

3% Minimum


₦50,000 (Monthly)

5% and above


Questions you might have, answered all in one place

Welcome to ThankUCash. Your trusted Business Analytics and Rewards Solution. I’m here to walk you through how ThankUCash works.

After signing up on ThankUCash, all your customers need to do is walk into your store and make a purchase with the POS machine as usual. The only additional request will be for them to input their phone number on the POS machine. Their phone number will serve as their ThankUCash wallet where all their rewards from your store and others will be saved. They will also get an instant sms credit alert of their points on the completion of their transaction.

Also note that when customers come to redeem points, your account will be credited with the respective points in cash equivalent.

Simply visit the www.thankucash.com click on Login/Sign up and follow the question prompt.

And after you finished a shiny new dashboard will be ready for you to start enjoying ThankUCash.

After signing up on ThankUCash. Your next step is to call your bank and ask them to upgrade your pos with ThankUCash or call this number to speak with the merchant success manager.

Call your banking officer or (+234 809 042 3576 Our Merchant Success number)

log in to your account either on mobile app for business or your webapp. Then click on Top up and you will find two ways to top up. One you can enter debit/credit card details or pay into any of the bank accounts listed and send a mail to hello@thankucash.com and your account will be credited. You can credit any amount from N10,000 and above.

Watch the video below to know how.

Simply login into your ThankUCash dashboard click on stores and add a new store and its location.

To earn ThankUCash points, visit any ThankUCash merchant location and input your phone number at the point of purchase. You will get credited instantly with your points

Simply visit any ThankUCash merchant location and input your phone number. The POS will load your balance from which you can redeem your desired amount. Input your redeem pin to confirm transaction and your Thankucash points will be debited for the transaction, please don’t share your pin.
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