What is ThankUCash?

It is a customer rewards platform that rewards you with real cash back
you can spend, every time you purchase from any registered
ThankUCash merchants’ store.


Buy what ever you want to buy.


Earn reward points.


Use point to buy things.

How it works

3 Simple step on how ThankUCash works and
how you can get the best out of it.

1. Buy what you desire

Buy anything from any of our merchants stores nationwide that rewards ThankUCash, and pay with cash, card or transfer.

2. Get Rewarded

On payment you will get an SMS notification of your earned points and your unique redeem PIN (this will be used to redeem your rewards)

3. Spend Earned Rewards

With your accumulated points, you can spend at any ThankUCash merchant nationwide (Online or In-store). Simply enter your phone number into the merchants’ POS terminal, enter your redeem pin and you are done.

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